Clothing Acessories Products 
Buttons  Zippers  Threads
  Metal Zippers  40/2s Polyester Stitching Thread
Horn Buttons Plastic Zippers  50/2s Polyester Stitching Thread
Shell Buttons    
Metal Buttons     
Snap Buttons    
Belts  Patches , Motifs , Emblems  Neck Lines
Ladies fashion belts  Patch embroidery emblems  Lace Necklines
  Beadwork emblems Embroidery Necklines
  Leather patches Self fabric Neck Lines 
  Lace patches  Bead emb Necklines 
Tapes  Lining & Interlining fabrics   
Elastic Tapes Non woven linings fusible and non fusible   
Button Hole Tapes woven linings   
Seaming Tapes Poly Taffeta   
Welted Tapes     
Ribbed Tapes Pocketing fabrics   
Twill Tapes     


General Accessories 

Tassles Down Velcro tape
Galloon String/Draw Cord Seam Sealing tape
Fringes Piping Cord Shoulder Tape
Cords Swivel Hook Fusing material
Tassels Eyelet/ Grommet Crochet
Rosettes Collar Stay Ribs and collars
Soutache Cord Bell Wadding
Pompons Buckle Metal Badge
Stopper Weaving Belt  
Lace Cable (steel ware)  
Braids Adjuster  
Elastics Recco  
Shoulder pad Elastic Threads  
Hook & Loop    
Finishing Acccessories 
Hang tag Collar stand, Gum Tape,
Price tag Carton, Price ticket,
Plastic/ poly bag Carton sticker, Poly bag,
Tissue paper Safety sticker, Safety Pin,
Carton Hanger, Tag pin,
Scotch tape Draw cord/ String, Brass Pin,
PP belt Back board, Buckle,
Tag pin Neck board, P.P belt,
Plastic clip Collar stay, Tissue paper,
Stickers Butterfly, Size strip,
Butterfly   Pocket flasher,
Collar insert   Hand tag,
Back board   Photo in lay,
Necks insert    Both Side Tape,
    Plastic Clip.